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Why should I invest in this company?

It’s the fundamental question every investor will ask themselves when making a decision and whatever comes to mind when they undergo their decision making process will frame the narrative and company in question, a specific way.

Within the suite of Principal IR’s services, this message framing will form the backbone of communications which is why framing it effectively will impact how people are willing to invest in your company, both in terms of money and belief

Having worked with various ASX-listed companies across all sectors, the Team at Principal IR assist companies in constructing this message for all facets of communication within the retail investor community.
To learn more about how Principal IR can assist in crafting and distributing your message, we welcome you to request an obligation-free consultation:

One of the most effective ways to acquire new shareholders is to identify investors who have a general interest in an industry.

Targeting specific demographics and interest groups, Principle IR offers end-to-end marketing campaigns designed to attract new potential investors.

Underpinning these campaigns is value optimisation where all external spend is measured and tracked throughout the length of the campaign to ensure clients are getting optimal value and getting through to their targeted audience.

Whilst the majority of targeted marketing campaigns are online-based, each one can be tailored to suit the client’s needs where Principal IR also has the capacity to utilise mail outs and call centres.

There’s nothing new about email communications anymore, with it now being the most common means of formal communications in the developed world.

No longer can companies employ a scatter approach to their online communications which means is is now more important than ever to selectively manage the content, timing, design, calls to action and distribution of their email sends.

Through a variety of content production methods, the Principal IR team will monitor company and industry news to keep investors and shareholders engaged where clients will always have final signoff before anything is communicated with shareholders and the investor community.

At a time when communication is more open than ever, there are wide open lines of communication that companies can take advantage of, but often do not.

Through effective database management, Principal IR can assist companies grow their shareholder database, collect valuable information, provide insight into segments and build an audience of investors interested in knowing more about the company.

All of this is tied into the CRM framework which Principal IR can set up or migrate, manage and optimise for ongoing growth which will open opportunities to keep shareholders informed of company activities and reinforce the underlying message.

Privacy, security and good business practices are paramount at Principal IR which is why all data collected by Principal on behalf of our clients is wholly owned by the client.

In a world where Google plays an integral part of our daily lives, investors can access a bevy of valuable information at the click of a button. To assist companies get their message out into the investor community, Principal IR can author news articles, thematic articles, research reports and blog posts.

These forms of sponsored content are then circulated to external networks and social media where they will be SEO optimised to appear in relevant Google searches.

All content produced on behalf of clients can also be included on company websites.

As a method of opening dialogue between company and shareholder, investor briefings are an excellent opportunity for CEOs and other members of the executive team to interact with shareholders and the investor community.

This provides shareholders with a live and interactive opportunity to get up to date with the company’s activities and plans going forward, as well as ask questions in real time.

These sessions are a great way for investors to form a personal connection to company management, and increase faith in their vision.

Principal IR can assist with the setup, invitations and recording of the briefings as well as build effective presentation decks to effectively communicate the key messages with the assistance of our graphic design team.

Social media provides investors with a direct line of communication to a company where they can get updates within their selective feeds.

By embracing various social media platforms and utilising its reach, companies can gain access to a segment of investors that value timely communication and engage with known brands.

Principal IR can assist with the setup of accounts across all major social media platforms, produce content and grow the audience.

Privacy, security and ethical business practices are paramount at Principal IR which is why the accounts and all data collected by Principal on behalf of our clients is wholly owned the client.

The Team at Principal IR have extensive experience managing capital raising campaigns for ASX-listed companies and those looking to list on the ASX.

Through the use of digital communications and targeted marketing campaigns, Principal IR can assist with the marketing and management of capital raising campaigns.

With news travelling around the world faster than ever before, breaking news can have an adverse effect on share prices where a bulk of the damage is done before a Company even has the chance to comment.

With the rise of online trading platforms, quick decisions are not always the smart decision, which is why an effective crisis management strategy can prevent fire sellers as a consequential event from breaking news.

Should the need arise, Principal IR can assist companies make contact with their shareholders via digital communications, as well as provide call center support to make verbal contact with shareholders and set appointments whilst relaying the companies response.

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